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Highlights: Field Assessments of the Philips 60W L Prize Entry

Field Assessment Case Studies
The winning L Prize entry stood up to rigorous assessments in the field. For example:
  • Testing by Southern California Edison found that the L Prize lamp lived up to expectations in a luxury Palm Desert resort and spa
  • The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance documented a compelling business case for the L Prize lamp at the world's largest commercial building
  • Customers of Platte River Power Authority indicated satisfaction with key performance aspects of the Philips lamp
  • In assessments of color temperature across the field tests, two thirds of respondents judged the color of the L Prize lamp to be "just right"
  • Progress Energy's L Prize lamp tests garnered praise for both resilience and low operating temperature in applications ranging from a hospital to a sports bar

Extensive field testing of the Philips 60-watt L Prize entry from June through October 2010 provided a wealth of independent, unbiased data and user feedback on its performance. In all, more than 1,300 samples of the Philips entry were installed in more than 40 sites across North America, representing a broad range of facility types, fixture types, tasks or areas to be illuminated, occupancies, hours of operation, use of controls (if any), and temperature conditions.

Assessments were done in collaboration with 14 L Prize partners, primarily utilities and energy efficiency organizations, who took measurements using existing lighting, then again after installing L Prize test samples; evaluated dimming performance; and gathered qualitative user/occupant survey responses. Partner reports were then submitted to DOE.

What did users and occupants think of the lighting? Feedback from all the qualitative surveys is summarized in these charts.

This table provides a summary of L Prize field assessments, and selected profiles are listed by building category below.

Raley's Supermarket photo

Food Sales

Lighting is more than a practical necessity for retailers; it is integral to creating a welcoming environment conducive to sales. Find out where the Philips L Prize entry lamps were assessed in retail food sales applications.

McDonald's Restaurant photo

Food Service

Restaurants count on lighting to help shape enjoyable dining experiences that keep customers coming back. L Prize entry lamps were tested in a range of food service environments.

Florida Hospital photo


With their 24/7 operations, hospitals put high demands on lighting. The Philips L Prize entry was assessed in several healthcare facilities over a three-month test period.

Holiday Inn Express photo


In guest rooms and common rooms, in the dining room and the kitchen, hotels rely on high-quality lighting that suits wide-ranging functions. Learn what lodging applications were used to assess the L Prize entry samples.

BC Hydro Executive Boardroom photo


Effective lighting is a cornerstone of a safe, productive, and welcoming work environment. Find out which offices served as testing grounds for the L Prize entry lamp.

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art photo

Public Assembly

Museums and theaters place rigorous demands on the aesthetic aspects of lighting. See the range of public assembly applications in which the L Prize entry lamp was assessed.

Residence in MA photo


From single-family residences to apartment complexes, lighting sets the stage for family life. A wide variety of residential lighting settings and applications were chosen as test grounds for the L Prize entry lamp.

Dorian Ford showroom photo


Successful retailers know more than a little about glamour—and the importance of the right lighting in showcasing products. Learn about the range of retail settings where the L Prize entry lamp was put through its paces.

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Last Updated: July 30, 2012
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