[Explained] Does Ring Smart Lighting Work Without WiFi?

Ring smart lights have motion sensors that can turn on automatically if any motion is detected in front of it. But does the ring smart light work without WiFi?

The accurate answer is Yes, the ring smart light will still work without WiFi. However, you might miss some important and interesting features of this smart light while using it without WiFi. Because the internet connection with ring smart light allows users to enjoy more features of it.

In this article, we have explained how the ring smart lighting works without WiFi including the features you might miss while using it without the internet. So, without further ado, let’s jump to the point.

does ring smart lighting work without wifi

Can A Ring Smart Light Work Without Internet?

As we already mentioned, ring smart lights come with motion detection sensors that detect movements and turn on the light automatically. Except this, a ring smart light has many other features such as collaborating with other ring lights, operating remotely, getting notified while you’re away from home, etc.

To get all these features, ring smart lights come with a ring bridge. It connects all the ring lights to the internet. With an internet connection, ring lights function better and it is the proper way to interact with all your smart ring lights remotely.

However, the ring lights are smart enough to work without internet or WiFi. Because the motion sensor doesn’t require any internet connection. However, interacting remotely, required an internet connection. So, without WiFi a ring light can work like a motion detector light, but you can’t operate it remotely or enjoy other features.

Let’s learn in more detail below about how a ring smart light will work without WiFi.

How the Ring Smart Light Will Work Without WiFi?

You already have learned from above that a ring smart light will work without WiFi. But how this light will work may vary in different scenarios. Here can be two different scenarios while using a ring light without WiFi –

  1. The Ring Smart Light Is Never Connected to the WiFi.
  2. The Ring Light is Connected to the WiFi but the Internet Connection is Down.

Both scenarios are explained below:

Scenario 1: Ring Smart Light Is Never Connected to The Internet

If the smart light is never connected to the internet, or no ring bridge has connected the ring lights, then the devices won’t be optimized with the latest updates. However, they will still work according to their default settings.

It means you can’t customize the settings of the ring smart lights without connecting them to the WiFi. If you have multiple-ring smart lights, you also can’t connect all of them together without WiFi.

That’s the reason why it is always recommended to use a ring bridge to connect the ring smart lights with each other and to the internet.

Scenario 2: Ring Smart Light Is Connected to the WiFi but the Internet Connection Is Down

Suppose you have connected all your ring smart lights with a ring bridge to the internet or via WiFi. Now you can interact with all your ring lights remotely and customize all the settings like motion sensitivity, light sensitivity, etc. But what will happen if the internet connection goes down?

Well, the good news is that once ring smart lights are paired to a Bridge they will continue to work normally as if they all are online if the internet connection goes down. They will follow the settings that you have customized before the internet has gone and will still be able to detect motion and work as a group.

However, these lights can’t receive updates and the settings cannot be changed until they are connected to the WiFi or internet again.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Will The Ring Smart Light Work Without A Bridge?

Yes, Ring smart lights will work without the Ring Bridge. However, they will function as standard motion-sensitive lights. You cannot change the settings, or connect other ring smart lights without a bridge.

Can You Manually Turn On Ring Floodlight?

Yes, you can manually turn on Ring Floodlights. You can find the manual “lights” control above the “Motion Alerts” toggle on the main menu in the Ring app. To manually turn on floodlights, you simply need to toggle this control in the app.


To conclude, you don’t need WiFi to make your Ring smart lights work. However, you can’t customize the settings and connect the Ring cameras, doorbells, or other devices without connecting the Ring smart light to the internet. For this, it is always recommended to connect the Ring light with the Ring Bridge or WiFi to get additional functionalities. We hope you have got the answer to your question after reading this article. For further queries, don’t hesitate to ask in our comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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