Energy & Environmental Impact

Energy Savings and Environmental Impact

Solid-state lighting has the potential to reduce lighting energy use by 25 percent, and to revolutionize the efficiency, appearance, and quality of lighting. No other lighting technology offers so much potential to save energy, at a time when our nation needs bold solutions to vastly reduce our energy consumption. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has made a long-term commitment to provide national leadership to advance research, development, and market introduction of solid-state lighting.

The L Prize competition will accelerate America’s shift from inefficient, dated lighting products to innovative, high-performance solid-state lighting products that will save significant amounts of energy and millions of metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Savings and Environmental Impact of 60W Incandescent Replacement Winner

In 2010, DOE estimated the national stock of 60W A19 lamps as approximately 971 million. In the residential sector, where the vast majority of these lamps are used, the average socket operates for about 1.9 hours per day, or about 700 hours per year. The L Prize competition drove development and set market expectations for adoption of a solid-state lighting replacement for the 60W A19 lamp that uses only 10 watts — a savings of 83%.

  • If every socket in the U.S. converted their 60W incandescent lamps to the 10W L Prize winner, the country would save approximately 35 terawatt-hours of electricity in one year, and avoid 20 million metric tons of carbon emissions.
  • That’s enough electricity to power the lights of nearly 18 million U.S. households and nearly triple the annual electricity consumption of Washington, D.C.

Energy Savings and Environmental Impact of PAR38 Halogen Replacement Winner

The L Prize for the PAR38 halogen reflector lamp (90W equivalent) also has the potential to make a significant impact. There are approximately 90 million PAR38 lamps installed in the U.S., in both residential and commercial applications. In this market segment, the L Prize will stimulate development and set market expectations for solid-state lighting reflector lamps that use 79 watts less (88% savings) per socket while producing the same amount of light.

  • If all 90 million installed PAR38 lamps in the U.S. converted overnight to the L Prize-winning PAR38 replacement lamp, the country would save 11 terawatt-hours of electricity per year and avoid roughly 7 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

These savings are equal to the annual electricity consumption of the city of Washington,