How Bright Is Ring Smart Lighting? A Detailed Guide

Ring smart lighting device is not only convenient and energy efficient but also provides safety and security to homeowners. It can be integrated with Ring security cameras and can turn on automatically when it detects changes in the surrounding environment.

As these lights are basically used for security purposes, the efficiency of this light is a matter to concern. For this, you might want to know how bright is Ring smart lighting. In this case, we can assure you that the Ring smart lighting is bright enough to provide safety and security.

However, as there are different types of Ring smart lighting devices available the brightness of these lights may vary to different lights. In this article, we will discuss the brightness of different Ring smart lighting devices and their efficiency for home security.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump to the point.

how bright is ring smart lighting

What is the Brightness Level of Ring Smart Lighting?

There is a variety of Ring Smart Lighting products including floodlights, spotlights, path lights, step lights, and more. The brightness for each of these products isn’t the same. 

Note: The brightness of lights is measured in lumens. The higher number of the lumen, the brighter the bulb is.

Below is discussed the brightness for each of these smart lighting products of Ring.

1. Ring Smart Floodlights

Ring’s smart floodlight cam contains a pair of LED floodlights that produce up to 2,000 lumens of brightness. However, it isn’t an industry leader as the Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro has 3,000 lumens and the Google Nest Cam with Floodlight has 2,400 lumens of brightness. In this case, the Ring floodlight is less bright than Eufy and Google Nest.

But, 2000 lumen is considered quite bright and is a significant amount of light. A 60-watt bulb (9-watt LED) can emit around 800 lumens and a 100-watt bulb (17-watt LED) can emit around 1600 lumens. So, the smart floodlight with 2000 lumens is even brighter than average household bulbs.

2. Ring Smart Spotlights

The Ring smart spotlight is a motion-detection light and can produce around 300 to 375 lumens of brightness. It means it is as bright as a 30-watt bulb (3-watt LED bulb) and less bright than even a 60-watt bulb.

However, 1 lumen = the brightness of 1 candle. So, 400 lumens mean the smart spotlight is bright like the brightness of 400 candles in a room. Which is bright enough to capture the surroundings.

3. Ring Smart Path Lights 

Ring path lights are ideal for creating an inviting and safe ambiance around walkways, patios, and gardens. These lights offer a softer glow compared to floodlights and spotlights.

These lights usually have a brightness of around 80 lumens. It means this light is as bright as 80 candles. This amount of lumen has made them perfect for accent lighting and guiding pathways.

4. Ring Smart Step Lights

The Ring smart step lights have 35 lumens of brightness which is compared to the brightness of 35 candles. Though this is not quite bright but bright enough to show you a path in the dark. 

5. Other Ring Smart Light

There are many other Ring smart lighting devices and the brightness of these lights is not the same as each other. The Ring A19 smart bulbs are used in smart homes and they can produce a maximum of 800 lumens. Which is similar to a 60W incandescent equivalent bulb.

On the other hand, the Ring PAR38 smart bulb is used outdoors in smart houses which has 1,500 lumens of brightness. It means they are as bright as 120W incandescent equivalent bulbs.

However, all these ring lights produce low brightness when they are turned on through the light scheduler. Let’s learn in detail about it below.

How Bright Are the Lights When They’re Turned ON Through the Light Scheduler?

When scheduled, all of the Ring Smart Lighting solar products have a single brightness level specifically designed to maximize battery life. Here is the brightness level for step light, path light, and floodlight while they are turned on through schedule:

  • Floodlight: 80 lumens
  • Steplight: 1.2-2.0 lumens 
  • Pathlight: 1.2-2.0 lumens 

For Smart Lighting A19 and PAR38 lightbulbs, you can select a brightness level from 1-10 for these bulbs to turn on during the schedule. For example, if you select 3 levels of brightness in the light scheduler, then the A19 will save energy and the brightness will be around 240 lumens.

Is the Brightness of Ring Smart Lighting Worth It?

The brightness for each Ring smart light is set as it should be. As the Ring floodlight and spotlight are used for security purposes, the brightness level for these lights is high and you can easily detect anyone under this brightness.

Ring path lights are meant to show you the path in the darkness by detecting your motion. Although these lights have less brightness, the light is spread widely to show you the path clearly.

Again, a 60W bulb is ideal for use inside the home and the Ring smart A19 bulb is as bright as a 60W bulb. So, the brightness for all these Ring smart lighting devices is ideal and efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is The Ring Floodlight Bright Enough?

Yes, the brightness of a Ring Floodlight cam is enough to capture HD videos and detects motions accurately. It is even bright enough to light up most yards.

How Many Watts Is a Smart Bulb?

The watts for smart bulbs are varied for different models and types of bulbs. It can be from 2 watts and up to 25 watts. However, most smart bulbs are operated at about 7 to 9.5 watts which is similar to the incandescent bulb equivalent of 60 watts.

How Bright Is A 5-Watt LED Bulb?

A 5 watts LED bulb will emit about 420 lumens of brightness. However, the brightness level can vary depending on the power and it can emit between 300 to 500 lumens. 


From powerful outdoor floodlights to path light smart bulbs, the brightness of Ring smart lighting devices can be different to various preferences and applications. For this, homeowners can have a wide range of options for their lighting needs. The brightness of all the popular Ring smart lights is described in this article and we hope, now you know how bright is Ring smart lighting after reading this article. For further queries, feel free to leave a comment in our comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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