How to Light Up Corners at Home

How to Light Up Corners at Home

We have been asked countless times about the best way of illuminating corners and other hard-to-reach spaces in our homes. The answer is pretty simple, and it involves some fundamental tricks.

The first thing you need to do is find a corner that needs a bit more attention. If you are lucky enough to have access to natural sunlight, this will be a great place to start. Simply open the curtains and sit back to admire your work.

If you don’t have direct sun in the room, try buying a mirror from a DIY store. You can use reflected light to illuminate the space by placing this in front of a window.

Use Lamps

If your home has dark corners that could use a little light, consider using lamps to brighten them up. Plus, lamps provide a warm, inviting glow that will make any space feel more welcoming. Lamps come in all shapes, sizes and styles, so you can easily find one that will fit the space and your decor.

Lamp posts should be used in combination with fairy light strings. These decorative lighting options are easy-to-use, and add charm to your home in any season. They are perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere, especially if you have young children or pets.

You can use fairy lights to decorate hallways, stairwells, front doors, windows, rooms, and even ceilings.

Hang Fairy Lights

Hang fairy lights to light up corners at home for a touch of whimsy and warmth. If you like the idea of using fairy lights in your house but don’t want to spend the time stringing them up yourself, then you’ll probably love hanging them from lamp poles. The reason it’s so much easier to hang fairy lights this way is because there’s less risk of tangling.

These versatile lights can accentuate artwork, line shelves, or illuminate dark corners. They come in various colors and styles to fit any decor and can be hung with command strips for damage-free installation.

Use them to inject some personality into your space and create a cozy atmosphere in any room. Hanging fairy lights with lamp holders makes them safe and secure, and they’re also pretty neat looking.

Place a Mirror

A mirror in the corner of the room is a great way to light up dark corners and add a touch of glamour to your home. Mirrors are great decorations for reflecting the sunlight throughout the room and making everything seem bigger and brighter.

A simple mirror will work fine, but a small, high-quality one is preferable. Mirrors that are hung on walls tend to look better than those that stand alone, as well.

Paint the corner a light color

One way to light up corners at home is to paint the corner a light color. This will reflect light and brighten up the space. White is a popular choice for this, but any light color will do the trick. This is an easy and inexpensive way to brighten a room and make it feel more welcoming.

Use a light-coloured rug to Light Up Corners

A light-coloured rug is a great way to light up corners at home. It can brighten a dark corner and make a small space feel larger. Plus, it’s easy to add a pop of color to your home without painting or wallpapering.

Backlit Panels for a Halo Effect

backlight is simply an arrangement of lamps behind or around a display device. In the case of computer monitors, it is placed either directly above the screen (direct-illuminated), below the screen (edge-lit), or on the sides (side-lit).

All three types produce light that reflects off the edges of the monitor’s front bezel. Edge lighting is used in most LCD and plasma televisions, while side lighting is used in all CRT television models and some LCD panels. The Halo effect is when two sources of light illuminate a subject from different angles simultaneously, so they appear to overlap.

For example, if you have a piece of paper illuminated by a desk lamp with a circular cutout and then another lamp shining straight on it, the two lights will create a halo effect that appears to blend together. This is because your brain naturally interprets the overlapping as one source of light rather than two separate ones.


In conclusion, the key to lighting up corners in any room is finding ways to bring light into dark areas. We often forget that most rooms have lots of space where we can place lamps and other fixtures to brighten up our homes. Some places are naturally brighter than others—such as living spaces, kitchens, and hallways—but it’s possible to use different types of lights to create an environment that feels more open and inviting.

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