Competition Requirements

Competition Requirements

The L Prize competition requirements include technical specifications to ensure compliance with the general requirements outlined in the 2007 energy legislation, with additional details specified for quality, performance, and mass manufacturing.

L Prize Notice in Federal Register

60W Incandescent Replacement LampMore than 90 lm/WLess than 10 wattsMore than 900 lumensMore than 25,000 hour lifeMore than 90 CRIBetween 2700–3000 K CCTPAR 38 Halogen
Replacement Lamp
More than 123 lm/WLess than 11 wattsMore than 1,350 lumensMore than 25,000 hour lifeMore than 90 CRIBetween 2700–3000 K CCT21st Century Lamp
 To be defined in a future L Prize announcement

Competition Process

  • To participate in the L Prize competition, interested manufacturers must provide a letter of intent to submit.
  • Manufacturers must then submit a complete entry package that includes the required technical information, product samples, and a commercial manufacturing plan describing their capability for mass production and distribution of proposed products.
  • During phase one of evaluation, samples of proposed products will undergo performance testing at independent laboratories such as those participating in the DOE CALiPER program(Offsite link).
  • During the second phase of evaluation, the L Prize technical review committee will assess the technical information provided, test results, and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Products that meet the competition requirements will then undergo lumen maintenance testing.
  • At the same time, DOE and utility program partners will coordinate field assessments, using criteria established through the DOE GATEWAY Demonstration program(Offsite link).
  • DOE and partners will also conduct stress testing, subjecting products to extreme conditions.
  • At key stages in the process, DOE may request additional information or follow up with submitters regarding the product or information provided.

Selection of Winners

Entries will be accepted for each product category until a winner is declared, or until 24 months have elapsed since the first award in that category, whichever comes first. In each category, the first entrant to successfully meet the full competition requirements will receive the cash prize. Up to two additional entrants may be eligible for program partner promotions.

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